Delta Inspection And Petroleum Services

Coating and Painting Inspection

Coatings remain the most efficient and cost effective means of protecting large scale steel structures against corrosion even in today’s modern industry.  Also coatings provide most structures not only with an outward appearance but also with protection from corrosion, ultraviolet light, water penetration, heat, abrasion, and chemicals

The demands for extending the lifetime of the anticorrosive properties of coatings are constantly growing. These demands are partly met by improved coatings, improved methods for surface preparation, and advanced equipments. 

DIPS has an extensive experience with paint contractors and site proprietors across multiple industrial sites, including reservoirs and water tanks, refineries and pipelines, natural gas plants, wastewater treatment plants, shipyard and marine structures, bridges, …etc  

DIPS has high qualified and certified team of inspectors that guarantee to our clients the best service level by developing the appropriate monitoring and verifying that work conforms in all respects to the specific requirements of the relevant code, specification and/or standard with respect to the paint/coating procedures.